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Newbies Guide To Pittsburgh

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Coming from India and new to Pittsburgh Then this article is all what you need to look up to, for getting started. Save some time looking for various information in different sites and not knowing where to go for what or simply not knowing what exactly you should be doing in the first place! We have everything covered for you. From vehicles, food to real estate you have what you got to know below.

License Procedure:

  • Your Indian license will be good for 12 months.
  • You will not be requiring an International License to start driving as long as your Indian license is in English
  • To buy a car in PA you won’t mandatorily need to have a valid license, even a learners permit or an Indian License will do as long as you have a PA state ID and insurance (have to mention this would be expensive though).
  • Expired PA license can be renewed without a time limit. With correct documents you can walk in and get your license renewed, no re-exam required.

However if you are moving from a different state rather than country your license deadline will be within 60 days of moving to PA. You can get new license from PennDOT Driver's License Center. Required Paperwork includes Out-of-state driver's license, - Social Security Card, - Passport - lease/mortgage and current utility bill.

Learner Permit

There is no deadline for getting a learners permit and they can applied and procured from the PennDOT Driver's license Centers. Required Paper work includes
  • Includes Filled application form, (Click Here)
  • Please Note that the last section of the above form should be filled by a doctor or a registered health care provider
  • Two different documents of address proof
  • Accepted documents include w-2, house lease, utility documents, Bank statements
  • Passport, I 797 or respective immigration document, I-94, SSN
  • If you are on a dependent visa, you will need SSN rejection letter from SSN office. If you are living in a shared accommodation, bring the person with whom you reside along with their driver’s license or photo ID. Also have secondary proof.
  • Approximate cost will be around $30

Car Registration

Keep in mind that car registrations have to be done Within a 20 days frame of moving to PA. Many notaries, messenger services and dealers including AAA offices does this service.
  • Required Paperwork includes:
  • PA driver's license
  • Valid title, proof of PA residence, Car Insurance and tracing of VIN number
  • Approximate cost will be around $30

Car Emission

This have to be done within 10 days of registering your vehicle. Most car mechanics can get this done. The only required paperwork for your car emission would be the Car Registration and the cost varies by starting at $40 and upwards.

Downtown Commute

Parking lease is the best option to save if you drive to work. However at the Penn Dot the parking spaces wait time is almost 12 months or more. While applying for a lease is well worth the wait the better option meanwhile is to take a - bus (downtown is well connected) - Train - or team with your friends for a carpool. - If taking bus to work getting a connect card bus pass would be a smart choice. - They are available at Port Authority downtown office, T stations, Giant Eagle locations, and other retailers

Library Access

Getting a Library Card would be one thing you won’t regret for all the benefits you get along with having one. Allegheny County has over 62 libraries and you can get a membership card from any of those libraries for free, all libraries have (reading/art/science) programs for kids. Watch event calendar of your local township Libraries. They all have learning and fun activities scheduled all week.

Indian Food

So coming to the fun part of settling down in a new place is Cuisine! There is plenty of options for desi food in Pittsburgh. The unlimited availability of worldwide specialty cuisines across Pittsburgh is totally a whole article on itself. So let’s just stick to our Indian pallet for now. Pittsburgh has no shortage of Indian Food. Below are some of the more popular Restaurant names along with their area mentioned in no particular order. - Tamarind (Green tree, Oakland) - Mintt- Banksville - Delhi Cafe - Carnegie - Namaste India - Banksville - Sree’s Foods – Smithfield St - India Garden - Oakland - India Palace - Downtown - Indian Spices - Downtown - Taj Mahal - Mcknight - Udipi - Near Venkateshwara Temple - Kohinoor- Next to Patel Brothers - Curry Point - Manpasand stores (5 curries for $40) Delivered every Sunday. Check here for more details. - Bread Lover? Pittsburgh has one of the finest Italian bread makers "Mancinis" right in town. Their main location at Pen Avenue is open 24 hrs. You can also get their bread from market square at downtown.

Residential Rental Places:

Genrally a new resident’s choice in Pittsburgh is for a place with lack of cultural diversity otherwise put as a place with majority Indian population :). Below are a Apartments and communities that’s known for its Indian population across Pittsburgh.
  • Carriage Park Apartments (Scott Township)
  • Washington gardens Apartments (Carnegie)
  • South Fayatte
  • Wexford
  • Franklin Park, North Hills
  • Mt.Lebonon

Indian Grocery

There is no shortage for Indian Grocery stores across Pittsburgh. They have got you covered from Indian foods, snacks, vegetables, beauty products, kitchen wear, to spiritual items. The commonly known stores includes - Subzi Mandi in BanksVille - Manpasand in Greentree - Shanthi Stores in Greentree - Patel Brothers in Monroeville.
Hope this article serves as a guide for your initial days in this beautiful city of steel. And also hope you enjoy residing at Pittsburgh as much as we do.

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