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Adding free/regular posts in BurghIndian

All posts are free and active for 21 days.
  • Your name and email id will be kept private and will not be displayed to external users. User will reply to your post using reply box.
  • All posts are active for 21 days. All posts are monitored by Admin. Posts with malicious content will be deleted without any notice.
  • After adding post, you will be emailed with a link to activate your post. You can use same link to edit/delete your post
  • There is limit of 5 Active posts per user. This is to avoid spam.
  • You can add images to posts after post is first created. Each image has an upload limit of 2 MB and each post can have 10 images. For larger images We will resize images to save bandwidth and space.

Adding your post to homepage carousel

  • If you have (or know) any event, deal or news, We can have it on homepage carousel. Please email us details of your news item to burghindian@outlook.com.
  • Adding content to homepage carousel is free for news, community events and deals. For-profit events are free if you have a discount coupon for burghIndian visitors. In other cases it is $20 for 7 days.

Adding Sponsored and Featured ads

Sponsored posts are one with thumbnails on top of each page. They are similarly sized as "Advertise Here" image

Featured posts are one line posts that appear on right side of page, under "Featured" section

Both Sponsored and Featured are free and they will be visible on every page. But since space is limited, we will remove older posts to provide space for newer once.

  • You can create Sponsored (or) Featured by creating post in Burgh Indian under topic “Sponsored” or "Featured". It is that simple. It is completely free and your advertisement will be there instantly. For Sponsored posts thumbnail image is mandatory. Check section below on instructions to add a thumbnail to your advertisement.
  • Note that with above approach you can only link your Sponsored and Featured ads to post in Burgh Indian and your advertisement is valid only for 21 days.
  • If you want to link advertisement to external website (or) want your advertisement to be active for more than 21 days. Please email us at burghindian@outlook.com. There is a $20 fee for 3 months.

To attach a thumb nail image for your post

  • Create your sponsor post. Activate it.
  • Follow Link in your confirmation/Activation email to edit your post
  • Upload Image. Make sure file name has word "_thumb_" in it. After file is uploaded it will become thumbnail for your post
  • Thumb Example: Thumb example

Adding Animated Images(As Thumb (or) in your Post Gallery)

  • We resize images to save disk space and bandwidth. Resizing may interrupt with animated images. Please follow below steps to avoid corrupting your animated images
  • Make sure you un check Resize Image option while uploading files. For better visibility size your image to (125px, 125px) for thumb nail
  • Make sure your image (thumbnail (or) post image) is less than ~ 125 KB in size

Slid shows for Business owners, Partime business owners, Content writers

  • Look at YEARLY EVENTS YOU SHOULD NOT MISS, THE NEWBIE'S GUIDE TO PITTSBURGH, MOVIES sections in Home page. We can create a similar slide show for your business. It is quick and easy setup and can be completed it couple of minutes. Please email to burghindian@outlook.com to get started.
  • Smaller slide shows (once with fewer images and content) will be combined under bigger category. For Ex: All beauty parlour slides can be combined under "Beauty & Fashion" slide show.
  • Merging of slide shows will be at admin discretion. It will be mainly done to save space. Exclusive slide shows will be granted to paid items (or) items with more content.
  • Slide show is free for Partime (or) small business owners. Exclusive slide shows is free for news items covering Pittsburgh
  • For any content writers wanting to add information to website, slide shows are free. We will add due credits to orignial author.
  • You can add paid slide show for $20 a month. Content of slide show can be changed as long as slide show is active.
  • Please note: Affiliate links are not allowed in slide shows